Managing Investments

Good investment advice and planning can turn your goals from dreams into reality, however, sound planning involves more than trying to pick the ‘right’ investments.

First and foremost, Papworth Financial Advisers Limited is a boutique financial advisory firm whose personally tailored investment portfolios are the funding media for sound financial strategies.

An ‘Evidence-Based’ investment portfolio is simply a tool to give our clients a high probability of achieving their goals and objectives; it’s never an end in itself.

Put simply, evidence-based investing aims to capture the returns of the market through a low-cost, diversified and long-term investment strategy based on fundamental principles.  Some of those principles include choosing the correct risk factor, diversifying your investments to deal with uncertainty, controlling costs and ensuring your portfolio is rebalanced to accurately reflect your risk profile.

“It won’t be the economy that will do in investors; it will be investors themselves” – WARREN BUFFET

Our ‘Evidence-Based’ Investment Management Process

  • STEP 1

    We conduct a meaningful, honest in-depth conversation with our clients to define, where they want to be in the future, how much time they have, and the resources they can contribute to achieve their financial and life goals.

  • STEP 2

    Since there is often a trade-off between return and risk (volatility), our process does not ask our clients to sacrifice return, or to accept more volatility, than is acceptable to them. We simply ask for open communication, to recognize that return and risk go together, and to help us to find the appropriate balance for their specific situation.

  • STEP 3

    We then create a series of financial models that illustrate the possible outcomes of different decisions, from these we can inform our clients on not only the benefits, but also any consequences that may arise from their choices.

  • STEP 4

    Finally, once the client is satisfied and comfortable with the model that both reflects their needs and the projected outcomes, we build an ‘evidence-based’ investment portfolio that is specific to ‘their model’.

  • STEP 5

    When we’ve created a high-quality portfolio of investments that are extremely well suited for our client’s long-term goals, we become, our client’s ongoing behavioural coach. This includes helping them to continue to make good decisions, and avoid making inappropriate decisions, regarding their investment portfolios.

What We Do

Our Financial Advice Covers

Impartial Financial Advice

The purpose of impartial financial advice is to assist you to turn your financial resources and goals into a desired lifestyle, both now and into retirement.

Kiwisaver & Retirement Planning

Retirement is in many ways better than before with people living much longer and enjoying healthier, more active retirement years.  Planning is necessary to ensure your money doesn’t run out before you do.

Managing Investments

We provide you with best practice wealth management solutions to turn your goals into reality. We craft a personalised solution that represents your comfort level between risk and return.

Personal Insurance Protection

Personal insurance is a range of products designed to protect you and your loved ones if the unexpected occurs too soon.

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