Impartial Financial Advice

The purpose of impartial financial advice is to help you turn your financial resources and goals into reality, so that your desired lifestyle can be achieved.

Our 34 years of experience has taught us that no two client situations are alike. Each client comes to us with a unique set of personal values, goals, family situations, financial resources and time horizons.

Impartial advice has nothing to do with promoting financial products. It is about implementing appropriate financial strategies that cover spending, insurance protection, savings and investments, both before and after retirement.

We have no conflicts of interest when it comes to your investments.  No-one else pays us to tell you where you should invest your money, so we are able to provide highly tailored solutions.

Although we believe our impartial financial advice is valuable and should be paid for, our clients have no obligation to use any of our other services once they have been provided with this advice.  However, we can implement the strategies on your behalf or assist you with the process if applicable.  It is only at this stage where our other services such as KiwiSaver accounts, Personal Insurance Protection, Investment Management and ongoing review services may need to be accessed if desired.

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Impartial Financial Advice

The purpose of impartial financial advice is to assist you to turn your financial resources and goals into a desired lifestyle, both now and into retirement.

Kiwisaver & Retirement Planning

Retirement is in many ways better than before with people living much longer and enjoying healthier, more active retirement years.  Planning is necessary to ensure your money doesn’t run out before you do.

Managing Investments

We provide you with best practice wealth management solutions to turn your goals into reality. We craft a personalised solution that represents your comfort level between risk and return.

Personal Insurance Protection

Personal insurance is a range of products designed to protect you and your loved ones if the unexpected occurs too soon.

Continue on your path to financial freedom and contact us for a free initial no-obligation consultation, so you can see if we are the right fit for you.