Kiwisaver & Retirement Planning

Find out if your Kiwisaver is really working for you

Papworth Financial Advisers offer you a FREE personalised KiwiSaver Health Check to ensure you are growing your savings and maximising your retirement or first home benefits.


KiwiSaver is a savings initiative designed to help you prepare financially for your retirement.

You and your employer contribute a percentage of your salary/wages directly to your KiwiSaver fund. Self-employed persons can make voluntary contributions.  Currently the Government contributes 50 cents for every dollar saved on an annual basis, up to a maximum of $521.43. This makes KiwiSaver a very worthwhile investment for virtually every New Zealander. Since its introduction in 2007, it has made saving for retirement a lot easier.

Papworth Financial Advisers can help you choose the right KiwiSaver scheme that is tailored to your personal situation and aligned to your retirement goals. There are many KiwiSaver providers and a large number of funds available which can be somewhat confusing.  We will always be available to provide you with on-going financial advice as you progress through your working life and/or when buy your first home.

We offer a FREE KiwiSaver health check, if are aged between 18 – 60, we invite you to have a conversation without obligation and at no cost, to learn more about how to get KiwiSaver to really work for you. 

Retirement Planning

Retirement isn’t what it used to be, in many ways it’s better. People are living longer (up to 20-30 years) and enjoying healthier and more active retirement years.

On the financial side, however, trends are not as positive. For a combination of reasons (lower bank interest rates being one of them) the goal of a financially secure retirement is becoming a challenge for many people. The transition from working and receiving a salary or wages, to being retired and living on $19,080 (net p.a. from NZ Superannuation), plus your savings, is a major one. This is likely to be the biggest financial adjustment you’ll face.

Unfortunately, most New Zealanders are simply not saving enough, or starting young enough, to give them anywhere near what they will need in retirement. Retirement planning is all about having enough funds set aside to adequately replace over 50 percent of your current main source of income, once you stop working.

Almost half of over-50s have yet to figure out how they will reach their retirement goals, according to research.

If you would like to clarify your retirement goals and estimate your future income and expenses, then Papworth Financial Advisers can provide you with independent guidance on how you can plan for a comfortable and/or possibly early retirement.

We will completely review and examine your current situation and the assets you have available, including NZ Superannuation. We can determine your income requirements for the future, provide personal planning solutions and outline where shortfalls may occur. We also run future modelling estimations to help ensure you don’t outlive your income.

Kiwisaver and Retirement Planning

Not having a plan, is a plan; just a really, really bad one

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The purpose of impartial financial advice is to assist you to turn your financial resources and goals into a desired lifestyle, both now and into retirement.

Kiwisaver & Retirement Planning

Retirement is in many ways better than before with people living much longer and enjoying healthier, more active retirement years.  Planning is necessary to ensure your money doesn’t run out before you do.

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We provide you with best practice wealth management solutions to turn your goals into reality. We craft a personalised solution that represents your comfort level between risk and return.

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Personal insurance is a range of products designed to protect you and your loved ones if the unexpected occurs too soon.

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