Who We Serve

We offer no cookie-cutter solutions. There is no typical Papworth Financial Advisers client and no one-size-fits-all solution.

We enjoy working with private individuals, families and charitable organisations.

For us, it’s about developing long-lasting rewarding relationships, giving clients the freedom to live their lives while we take care of the investment strategy.

Ultimately, we work with clients with whom we have a mutual respect and trust. We require honest communication regarding whether the professional relationship is meeting their expectations, and if not, whether adjustments can be made.

Our strategies are designed to take form over several years and it is important that we collaborate and consult with you during our long-term partnership.

Characteristics of our clients include some of the following:

  • Owners or former owners of successful businesses
  • People who are serious about turning their financial resources and goals into reality
  • Trustees of Family Trusts and/or Beneficiaries of family wealth
  • Recently sold or planning to sell assets, including farms.
  • Loss of a partner requiring financial decisions at a difficult time.
  • Have a desire for clarity and confidence in their financial future
  • On the path to strong financial success, now or in the future
  • Are seeking a comfortable retirement with the freedom to pursue hobbies and interests
  • People who would like professional help in making intelligent financial decisions

Financial retirement advice is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process that continues throughout the different stages in your life.

Are we the right people to work with you?

Before deciding upon developing a relationship with Papworth Financial Advisers, you should be comfortable with our professional background, our communication style, the structure of our firm, the manner in which we provide financial services and the ways in which we are compensated.

If you feel or we discover you would be better served working with others, we will assist you in whatever way we can to find someone appropriate and to help you get started with them.

What We Do

Our Financial Advice Covers

Impartial Financial Advice

The purpose of impartial financial advice is to assist you to turn your financial resources and goals into a desired lifestyle, both now and into retirement.

Kiwisaver & Retirement Planning

Retirement is in many ways better than before with people living much longer and enjoying healthier, more active retirement years.  Planning is necessary to ensure your money doesn’t run out before you do.

Managing Investments

We provide you with best practice wealth management solutions to turn your goals into reality. We craft a personalised solution that represents your comfort level between risk and return.

Personal Insurance Protection

Personal insurance is a range of products designed to protect you and your loved ones if the unexpected occurs too soon.

Continue on your path to financial freedom and contact us for a free initial no-obligation consultation, so you can see if we are the right fit for you.